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Deadline: Dec 31 2022
Politics, Elections, U.S.

U.S. Politics and Elections
Details: IF you are there, we want to hear your perspectives, opinions and reports on political and election events! …
Contributions: 1

Deadline: Dec 31 2022
Iraq, ISIS, Iraqi people

Details: IRAQ/ISIS/ISIL-uplo ad Vox Report videos about the situation as seen by citizens and those affected. App …
Contributions: 2

Deadline: Dec 31 2022

UKRAINE self-determination
Details: Send person on the street/ground VOX Reports of the protests
Contributions: 15

Deadline: Dec 31 2022

Details: Esperamos Vox Reportes video noticias del pueblo
Contributions: 186

Deadline: Jul 31 2017
syria. war

Syrian Civil War
Details: The war has raged for more than two years with no resolution in sight. Send us your videos and photos of …
Contributions: 5

Deadline: Jan 23 2015
Egypt, news, citizen reporting

EGYPT--update on political/social situation.
Details: Send Vox Reports on the situation in Egypt.
Contributions: 3

Deadline: Dec 24 2014
Nigeria, Nigerian Girls Adduction, Social Justice, News

Nigeria/Nigerian Girls Abduction
Details: Inquiry has ended but girls are still missing. Upload your Vox Reports and inform us from Nigeria.
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Deadline: Nov 30 2014
Children without parents, Unaccompanied Minors, Immigration, Immigration reform

Children without Parents/Unaccompani ed Minors
Details: Provide perspectives and legislative updates on the Children w/out parents Unaccompanied minors issue.
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Deadline: Nov 15 2014
Politics, Elections

U.S. Mid Term Elections 2014
Details: Provide stories, videos and perspectives of the 2014 U.S. midterm elections regarding issues or voter …
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Deadline: Sep 24 2014
News, Israel, Palestine, Middle East

Israel-Palestine Conflict
Details: Send Citizen Reporter Vox Reports on the current Israeli/Palestinian situation.
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Deadline: Jul 31 2014

World Cup Brazil!!
Details: Submit VOX Reports for games on the road to Brazil and from Brazil during the World Cup!
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Deadline: Jun 24 2014
USMNT, usavrsportugal, USA, Portugal, Christiano Ronaldo

Details: Lets hear it from World Cup fans-from the game, Celebrations in Brazil and USA!
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