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VOX Report was started because the founder and leadership of the company have been in many countries around the world and were distressed with the lack of accurate and relevant reporting for important events that they had witnessed.  In many instances many important events may not even received coverage or sustained accurate coverage.  Levels of distress increased when the network reporter would become the story (new glasses and frames? Hard to keep hair done?)  rather than the important events unfolding.  VOX Report is a platform to express the Voice of the People—VOX  is Latin for voice.  When you travel and you want to know what is really going on locally, who do you ask?  The cab driver, the shop keeper on the corner--that’s the perspective that VOX Report wants to provide.

VOX Report allows you to break free from relying on legacy news outlets and see and hear the genuine perspective of fellow citizen journalists. VOX Report offers an unedited, unfiltered, man-in-the-street view of the world.  VOX Report democratizes news by empowering citizens to inform each other, set their viewing trends and establish their preferences without interested corporations or sponsors potentially driving what is aired.

By using the 5 W’s --Who, What, Where, Why, When and throw in How for good measure - it provides a reporting format that is informative, relevant and complete.  Each report allows up to 60 seconds to gives us your VOX Report.  By signing off with “I WAS THERE” you are testifying in a definitive way that you were witness to the event.

Jerry Godwin, Founder and Managing Director, has been an entrepreneur, worked in investment banking and economic development.   He is fascinated by peer to peer solutions to resolve problems.  In a previous life, Godwin flew helicopters for the Army.  Interests include anything aviation and soccer.He has a BS in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and an MBA from the University of Maryland Smith School of Business, College Park, MD and Shanghai, China campuses. Godwin has also completed Post-Graduate work at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Ricardo Leon, Product Manager, has more than a decade leading technology ventures. He has been fortunate to work for top organizations like NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Nokia. Ricardo always enjoys applying unconventional thinking to build unique and simple solutions.Leon has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, a Master’s degree from International Space University and executive education certificates from Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon and George Washington Universities.