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Filipino #Gangstalking, Black Propaganda, & #Harassment

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20151230045622380 bag hand_scraper+stinky
 By: Gang Stalking Live
 Published: Jan 11 2016

Local gang stalkers carry big bags to assault their victims with by getting close enough to bump or scrape their protruding satchels on the unwary victim's hand as they walk past. This could happen as many times in a day and would appear as a mere coincidence to a regular onlooker, but not to the victim.


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Another method used by local gang stalkers to convey messages is the hand-to-nose "stink" gesture. Done regularly in front or at the sides of the victim as the gang stalkers walk past, gives the victim an impression that he/she has done something wrong and accused of unverified, secret misdemeanour. This gives gang stalkers some imaginary power that they claim to hold over the victim.

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