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Location: Middle East
Category: Politics

Bomb In Kadmiyah , iraq Today

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Bomb In Kadmiyah ,iraq Today
 By: Red-Sand
 Published: Oct 19 2014

Today ,while i walking in kadmiah,20"street,i heared great bomb voice,i running and take this picture.
i heared 11 people killed,28 injuired in this bomb today in news.

i was there! ....


Rate It: 1  |   1  Report Abuse By: isisrfags  Posted: Dec-26 2:14 PM

Just another example of the tactics used by the biggest bunch of chicken s--- queers in the world. I hear these bombers get so excited after a bombing that they gather for sodomy session afterwards.

Rate It: 0  |   0  Report Abuse By: Red-Sand  Posted: Oct-19 3:36 AM

Thanks God i Still Alive In This Crazy World!

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