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Assignment:Syrian Civil War

Deadline: : Jul 31 2017
Location: Middle East
Category: Politics

Syria. Halab: Army Attached Civilian Houses By Airforce Bobms

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13 childs Dead In The Attach
 By: syria-eye
 Published: Oct 18 2014

✔ Syria
Halab / Hanano
✔ The Military Airforce Airplanes Attached The Civilian Houses By 13 2/Tons Boms Leading To killing More Tha 13 Chiled ,9 Women,3 Men,And Injuired Of 27 people In Hanano City In Halab Today.


Rate It: 0  |   0  Report Abuse By: Godwin  Posted: Oct-19 12:14 AM

Amazing pictures-pls continue to provide more reports.

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